Common faults and maintenance of vertical granule packaging machine

Datetime: 2022-04-18    Visit: 555

1. The material is added to the heat sealing part

The reason for the failure: the bagging time and the heat sealing time are not coordinated.  

Solution: The second gear is connected to the turntable gear. Push the second gear up to change the occlusal position so that it is not bagged at the time of sealing. The ideal blanking time should start after the horizontal sealing is completed, and should not be easily changed after proper adjustment.


2. The bag has been adjusted regularly, and it is abnormal again

Cause of failure: The turntable is not fixed properly, the keys and fixing screws are loose, or the fixing position is wrong, and the opening and closing of the shutter in the turntable is abnormal.

Solution: fix the turntable in the correct position, re-fix the keys and screws, adjust the opening and closing mechanism of the shutter to the correct position, and fix the shutter.

3. The incision knife cannot break the film

Fault cause 1: The gap between the main blade and the auxiliary blade surface is not adjusted properly.

Solution: The main blade and the auxiliary blade should be in full contact, and the compression spring bolt should be adjusted appropriately to balance the spring pressure on both sides.

Failure reason 2: The blade of the punching knife is damaged.

Solution: Grind the blade or replace it with a new one.