Common faults and maintenance of bag packaging machine

Datetime: 2022-04-19    Visit: 552

1 empty bag packing

It is the most common situation to automatically fill the empty bag of the bag packaging machine. Usually, we will add a bag full detection device to the bag packaging machine. Order this bag not to be sealed. However, when the bag full detection device fails, there will be empty bag packaging. At this time, we need to check the spring of the bag full detection device to check whether it is loose or damaged. If this happens, please reinforce or replace the corresponding parts.

2. Packing bag sealing folds

Generally, the reasons for the occurrence of finished packaging bag sealing wrinkles in the bag packaging machine are 1. Heating transition, 2. The isolation cloth is damaged, 3. The machine clip is not straight, 4. The equipment installation is not debugged in place and other factors.

(1) Heating transition, the heating rod temperature detection tool is damaged, so we only need to replace the heating rod temperature detection tool!

(2) The isolation cloth is damaged. In the traditional bag-feeding packaging machine, there will be damage to the isolation cloth. The rubber strip of the isolation cloth is heated and aged for a long time. After being squeezed and naturally falling off the rubber particles, there are some gaps. These gaps are caused by The main reason for the folds in the sealing bag of the packaging bag, just need to replace the isolation cloth! We have improved some of the bag-type packaging. The improved heating device abandons the traditional setting of isolation cloth, and at the same time adds more styles to the seal, which perfectly solves the problem of aging of the isolation cloth.

(3) The machine clamp is not straight

The machine clip is used to fix the packaging bag on the bag-feeding packaging machine. If the machine clip device does not fully straighten the mouth of the packaging bag, the packaging bag will be naturally deformed when it is squeezed, and the sealing of the packaging bag will be wrinkled. In the production process, the long-term work of the machine clamp device makes the machine clamp device loose, which will also make the packaging bag mouth unable to obtain a sufficient straightening effect. Therefore, we only need to adjust the machine clamp device to restore the machine clamp device to its original state. The tightness can be!

(4) The equipment is not debugged in place

This situation mainly occurs in the multi-functional bag-feeding packaging machine. Due to the replacement of packaging bags of different sizes, the clamping equipment cannot be adjusted to a reasonable stretch width after the replacement, so there is an obvious loose situation, which makes the packaging of the finished product. Wrinkles appear at the mouth of the pocket. We just need to re-adjust the stretch width of the clip mechanism.