Frequently Asked Questions for Bag Packaging Machines

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Feeding bag type granule packaging machine

What are the reasons for the failure of perfect heat sealing when sealing the bag packaging machine?

1. The heat sealing temperature is not high enough

When the thickness of the laminated bag made of Bre is 80-90 μm, the heat sealing temperature should reach 170-180 degrees Celsius; when the total thickness is 85-100 μm, the temperature should be controlled between 180 degrees Celsius and 200 degrees Celsius. As long as the overall thickness of the bag is increased, the heat sealing temperature must be increased accordingly.

2. The speed of heat sealing is too fast

Sealing failure is also sometimes related to the speed of the sealing machine. If the speed is too fast, the bag mouth will be transported to the cold pressing place by the traction roller before it has time to heat, which does not meet the quality requirements of heat sealing.

3. The pressure of the cold-pressed rubber wheel is not suitable

When adjusting the pressure, a clamping spring is required.

4. There is a problem with the quality of the packaging bag

Seal failure is also sometimes related to the quality of the vacuum bag. If the corona-treated composite lining is not uniform enough, the effect will not be good, and it will not be able to seal if it happens to be at the seal. This situation is very rare, but when it occurs, the product is directly scrapped. If there is moisture or dirt in the seal of the vacuum bag, the seal will not be strong.

All in all, to solve the problem that the seal cannot be perfectly heat-sealed, the heat-sealing temperature can be appropriately increased, the heat-sealing speed can be reduced, and the pressure of the cold-pressed rubber wheel can be increased.

How to clean the electronic scale?

Many snack foods can be automatically weighed by electronic combination scales. Electronic combination scales are similar to bag-feeding packaging machines. Domestic independent research and development and production have been popularized for more than 20 years, and there have been many styles, such as screw electronic combination scales, miniature electronic combination scales, high-speed electronic combination scales, etc...

1. For roasted seeds, peanuts, nuts and other roasted seeds and nuts, priority should be given to flat-panel electronic combination scales (10 buckets, 14 buckets), regardless of the waterproof function. Often this product workshop is relatively dry, and there will be no sticky impurities to contaminate the surface of the electronic scale. You can directly blow air with an air gun to clean the surface of the electronic scale that is in contact with the food.

2. Moist materials such as mustard, radish, and diced spicy chicken with oily substances, sesame seeds, and chili flakes are relatively high in consistency, and can be treated with an air gun first, and then rinsed with water. The outlet of the collecting hopper under the electronic scale is connected to a drain pipe to prevent the sewage from rushing to the bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine or vertical machine of the electronic scale. The screw and the top mixing part of the screw electronic combination scale are inconvenient to disassemble, so rinse with water and then dry with a rag, and also disinfect with alcohol. Other parts such as buffer bucket, weighing bucket, chute and collecting hopper can be easily disassembled. After dismantling, soak in hot alkaline water and rinse with clean water.

3. Cleaning the electronic scale is in principle cleaned from top to bottom, the upper parts are cleaned, and then the lower parts are disassembled and washed.