Packaging machine is prone to problems and solutions

Datetime: 2022-04-25    Visit: 735

Possible problems and causes

1. Leakage and clamping of vertical packaging machine

First of all, the specification of the set packaging bag is too short, and the material to be filled is too full, resulting in the material filling and sealing of the vertical granule packaging machine not being well matched, the material filling is fast, the sealing is slow, the sealing is fast, and the material filling is slow. The unloading device is not tight enough, causing the material to fall to the seal when the packaging machine is sealed. The vertical granule packaging machine packs the materials for electrostatic adsorption of coils. If it is filled with nitrogen, if the inflation pressure is too large, it will cause the material to be clamped.

2. Bucket stuck after equipped with Z-type feeder

  First of all, the chains on both sides do not match, and there are omissions during the installation process. Hopper specification does not meet material loading specification. The opening distance of the sprockets is inconsistent, and the body rail and body may be deformed. There is an obstacle blocking the material loading line.

3. Crush the packaging and press the shrink film to deform or crush

  There are two possible reasons for this. First, the temperature of the shrink packaging machine is too high. Second, the conveyor belt speed is too slow.

Corresponding solution

1. Adjust bag size or reduce material. Adjust the feeding time of the measuring cup measuring device or electronic scale to match the horizontal sealing, or directly adjust the horizontal sealing time. Check the sealing of the blanking device, and replace it if it is found to be not tight. Eliminate the static electricity of the packaging coil, or add an ion wind device. Adjust the inflation pressure appropriately.

2. Check whether the chains on the left and right sides are installed correctly and balanced, and check whether the size of the hopper is correct

, check whether the opening distance of the sprocket is consistent, check whether the body and track of the Z-type feeder are deformed, and whether there are obstacles stuck and collided. If the above problems exist, please replace them and adjust them in time.

3. The temperature of the shrink packaging machine is too high, and the temperature can be lowered. The speed of the conveyor belt of the shrink machine is too slow, you can increase the speed of the conveyor belt