Structural composition and working principle of vertical packaging machine (1-1)

Datetime: 2022-05-03    Visit: 317

Today, Honetop Company will introduce the structure and working principle of the vertical packaging machine:


(1) Feeding turntable device.


The feeding turntable device is composed of a hopper, a feeding tray, and an adjustable volume measuring cup. The measuring cup consists of a fixed measuring cup and a movable measuring cup set. The lower part of the measuring cup has a rotatable bottom plate. There are two retaining pins on the panel below the turntable. When the measuring cup of the turntable is turned to the former position, the pin pushes the bottom plate away, and after the measuring cup is turned away, another pin pushes the measuring cup bottom plate back to the bottom of the measuring bottom cup. There is a nut in the center of the lower part of the turntable. Rotating the nut can change the relative position of the upper and lower measuring cups, thereby changing the volume.


(2) Packaging execution system.


The packaging execution system of this machine consists of a paper feeding mechanism, a trunk shaper, a pulling wheel, a heat sealer and a cutter.


The packaging material is rolled down from the roll through the pulling material roll, and the packaging former is made into a bag. A pair of pulling material rollers at the lower part of the front of the machine pulls the bag tube down a long distance, and the heat sealer heats the bag tube longitudinally and laterally. The material is then put into the material bag immediately. When the heat sealer performs heat sealing again, a heat seal package is completed. The cutter cuts the bag from the middle of the sealing part. The heat sealer and the cutter are driven synchronously by the same transmission mechanism.


(3) Transmission system


1. The composition of the transmission system


The packaging machine has a high degree of automation and belongs to a kind of automatic machine. It has many executive parts, and the various executive parts must be coordinated to complete the packaging work. The transmission system of the packaging machine is relatively complex. This experimental packaging machine adopts a mechanical transmission system; the transmission system includes the following components.


(1). Fixed ratio transmission mechanism


That is, a transmission mechanism with a fixed transmission ratio. Gears, belts, chains, worm gear pairs, couplings and other transmission mechanisms can be used to transmit the power and motion output from the power source to the relevant actuators according to predetermined requirements.


(2). Gearbox


The speed change device includes gear speed change mechanism, mechanical stepless speed change mechanism, hydraulic stepless speed change device, multi-speed motor, etc. This packaging machine uses a stepless speed change device.


(3). Motion conversion device


The connecting rod mechanism, cam mechanism, sheave mechanism, rack and pinion, screw nut and other devices can ensure the movement law required by the actuator.


(4). Manipulating the control device


Including various control devices, components and components required to control start, stop, clutch, brake, speed regulation, reversing and automatic control movement according to prescribed procedures. The state and parameters of the drive system are changed in different ways.


(5). Lubrication and sealing device


Ensure the normal operation of the transmission system, prevent oil leakage and water leakage, pollute the packaged materials, packaging materials and the environment, and prolong the service life.