Structural composition and working principle of vertical packaging machine (1-2)

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2. Requirements for the transmission system


The transmission system of the packaging machine is closely related to the technical and economic indicators of the whole machine. It affects the structure, layout, packaging accuracy, transmission efficiency, manufacturing and manufacturing costs of the packaging machine, and whether it is convenient to operate and adjust. Therefore, when designing the transmission system, it must be Note that the following requirements are met:


(1) Each actuator must have a sufficient speed regulation range, and often requires stepless speed change to meet the requirements of continuous changes in productivity and packaging bag size and specifications.


(2). Each motor and all transmission mechanisms must be able to meet sufficient power and torque, and have high transmission efficiency.


(3). The position and speed of each actuator should have a relatively accurate relative relationship, and it should be easy to adjust independently.


(4). Simple structure, good lubrication and sealing, convenient and reliable operation, easy processing and assembly, and low cost.


(5). It is convenient to realize the automation of the packaging machine and form an automatic packaging production line.


(6). In order to facilitate the adjustment and test run, a manual fine-tuning device or other adjustment mechanism should be set in the transmission system.


3. Transmission route of packaging machine


The power is transmitted from the main motor to the working spindle through the speed governor and then through the deceleration mechanism to drive the feeding turntable device, the paper pulling wheel, the heat sealer and the cutter to complete the heat seal packaging. The working speed of the machine can be adjusted from 45 to 95 packs per minute.