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When the machine running or maintenance,it sometimes will be in dangerous.If you don’t pay attention to point, it will be happen a big accident.So the following page it to explain the main matters.

1.1The kinds of warning meaning

In the following explain and installing,according to the dangerous degree of discretion and the weight of the accident,we will use 4 words to show the warning.

Warning words



It means in the urgent dangerousif you don’t defer to the order,it will be hurt or die.


It means it will be in dangerousif you don’t defer to the order,it will be hurt or die.


It means it will be in dangerousif you don’t defer to the order,it will be hurt or the machine will be broken.


It means it should be pay more attentions.

1.2The comply of matters

1.2.1The manuals use and meaning


When the machine installingrunningadjustingcheckingcleaningthe repairman should be get the use knowledge of the machine. And following the instructions to operate the machine.If you have questions pls contact us,don’t use the machine until reply you.



1When previous preparingrunning and adjustingcleaningrepairing,pls make sure the fully space and safety to set up.

2Pls don’t put the machine in the garbage or dust place,pls use antiskid material.


1.2.3Safe operation

1To avoid close or hair in the machine,pls do tidy.Also,pls wear safety shoes;

2When connect the power supply, pls make sure the parts of machine is stillness;

3In the running,pls closed the safety cover and the protective equipment;

4In the running,pls don’t touch the drive and rotate parts.Also pls don’t put your hands in the protective equipment;

5) Pls closed the door and safety cover of machine, when you touch the control panel and the power supply connection box;


1.2.4Safety and clean

1)Don’t adjust the parts of machine when the machine is in running,it’s very dangerous;

2)When manual operationfine-tuning operation,pls make sure the safety of the surrounding;

3Don’t get off the safety cover and the protective equipment except adjust or maintain the machine;

4when you check or maintain the control panel and the power supply connection box,pls open a minimum of safety door and the protective equipment;

5To make sure safety,pls don’t get off the lock or warning signs;

6In the around of machine,pls make sure it have enough space for the operator to operate the machine;

7To avoid slip of oil or water, pls clean the floor frequently;

8Pls clean the parts of machine when packing the package,at the sometime ,pls also pay attention to the above of building;

1.3The machine fault and factory contact

 1)In the running if it have a strange noise or abnormal vibration, immediately stop the machine,restart the machine until remove the fault;

2)When the machine can’t running, pls contact the factory,we will help you to solve the fault.

1.4 The special comply matters

When use the machine,besides the (1.2)general matters, we also have the special comply matters, pls follow it.

1.4.1 The attention matters when the machine running

1Sometimes the machine is indirect running, pls don’t touch the machine if it stopped;

2When sealing ,the parts of heat sealing device will be hot, pls don’t touch;

3Pls don’t touch the conveyor belt;


1.4.2 The attention matters when safe operation

When the machine adjustdisassembly and assembly,pls read the instructions carefully.If the instructions specified in the use of professional tools,pls sure to abide by it.


1.4.3 Other attention matters

If you need to change the consumable or the spare parts,pls use our company’s products. But if you want to use other brands, pls make sure with us if it is suitable.



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