Manual of High speed automatic rotary packing machine

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2.1External view(picture 1)



Picture 1(view)


2.2 The parameter of machine and performance

2.2.1 The parameter of machine

1ModelHT8-200 High speed automatic rotary type packing machine



4) Motor power:

 A.Host power:2.5KW  4P   AC380V

 B.Output motor power:1.1KW   4P  AC220

 C.Vacuum pump power:1.1KW   4P   AC380V

5) The specifications of the pump:

Exhaust pressure:0.8mPa Displacement ≥0.6m3/min Compressed air is provided by the user

6) Divider:DS-83-6L-120

7) Power:Drive power supply AC380V   control power DC24V


2.2.2 The performance of machine and application

Packaging materials: PEPETALCPP etc.

Packaging kindsflat pocketself-supporting bagM bagzipper baghand bagpot bag    etc.

Scope of application

   A .particleCrystal MSG chicken essencecapsuleseedssugarmelon seedsnutsfodder etc

B.powder classflavoringmilk powderglucosecoffeewashing powder etc

C.liquid pastelaundry detergentjambean pastesoy saucepasta saucehot pot bed chargesoy sauce vinegar etc;

D.picklespickled cabbagekimchisauerkrautpicklemushroom etc;

E.leisure snacks classnutsmelon seeds nutscandyjujubesassbean curdfish larvae etc fooddehydrated vegetablesflower teadried fungus mushroom etc;

G.frozen fooddumplingsglue puddinground mass of foodchicken wingdrumstick etc;

Packaging20-60b/maccording to the material and weight

Packaging sizebag wide80-200mm

Filling range10-2500g



2.3The station instructions and the running process

2.3.1The station and function instructions

The first stationgiving bagopen clamp

The second stationcoding(dateexpiration date)

The third stationopening bag

The fourth stationfilling1

The fifth stationfilling2

The sixth stationpressing material

The seventh stationhot sealing1

The eighth stationhot sealing2trimming

2.3.2The running process:(picture3