The order of running operation

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 1.The order of running operation and main matters

 (1Pls set the date;

 (2Open the power of machine--the main switch ON(at same time open other powers)

 (3Put the bags in the box.In the meantime, if the size of bags or the materials have changed, pls also changed the installation settings(refer to the install order);

 (4Open the piping valves of machine(pls make sure the air pressure is 5kg/cm2;

 (5According to the running conditions to install and set switch(changed by different materials);

 (6Make sure there have no person near the machine ,then to start the switch, run the machine;

 (7Make sure the temperature of hot sealing and coding has been rising;

 (8Press the taking bag switch,on the base of has set conditions to run the machine;

  “Running”----when it have signals it will be start to take bags;

  “Jog”---no matters if it have signals or not, it will start to take bags;

 (9If the material plug or empty bagsmachine clip off,don’t to pull,pls stopped the machine, then to solve it;

 (10)If you find the machine abnormal, pls stopped the machine immediately,then to solve it;

 (11)If product end, pls stop the machine, and get off the power;

 (12)If to give more bags,it need to stop the machine;

 (13)If it need to fill by hand or semi-automatic,the operator don’t to touch the running parts by body;

 (14)When the machine running, some parts will be running step by step,but don’t touch by hand;

 (15)If the bag not enough, the buzzer ring,pls take bags to the box;

 (16)Press stop button,at the same place the machine will be stop(if it is emergency stop button, it will stop immediately).

2.Change the parameters(when the material and bags change)

1According to the size of bag to change the width of the box;

2Adjust the width of the machine clip;

3Change the place of coding;

4Change the height of suck;

5change the aggregate bin;

6Adjust the opening track guide opening width;

7Adjust the height of trestle table;

8Adjust the exhaust size;

9According to the size of bags, to change the box size.