HT8-200 High speed automatic rotary packing machine Daily maintenance

Datetime: 2022-05-16    Visit: 286

(1)Keep a good state,to make the machine have a long use period,it need check clearadd oil.besides, to find the defects of machine early, it can to prevent big accident.

(2)When it have daily maintenance, it must cut off the main power supply,and the machine stop running.


(1)The air pressure if normal.

(2)The teflon seal of hot sealing device if clear.

(3)The leather cushion and the suck if off or broken.

(4)The air filter if have water.

(5)The filter of vacuum pump if clear.

(6)The impeller of vacuum pump if broken;(Note:the impeller have changed often,every time changed 6000Hr,when it abrasion 32mm or 25mm, it need to change,the suction filter also need to change often,check once a week,after changed to check the pressure if normal)

(7)The light of hot-sealing if normal“ON”“OFF”.


(1)The dirt of machine need to clear by hot water.

(2)The dirt of clip need to clear by brush.

(3)At last use air gun to blow away the water, then put on the white oil.

(4)The teflon of hot-sealing need to clear and dry.

     (5)The maintenance of the electrical applianceor other appliance,only used by engineer.