HT8-200 High speed automatic rotary packing machine Common faults and exclusion method

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1. Taking bag

Taking bag adjustment

        Common fault phenomenonbag on lowit shows it can’t absorb the bagWhen the clip taking bag, the leather cushion only get the edge of bag,sometime it will be have two bags

The solutionif the suck can’t absorb the bag, when you make sure the suck is good,then to make sure the angle of suction is right(get off the air pipe then touch),if is a question of bag box.pls clear up the bag first when you put in box.

      About the leather cushion get the edge of bag,if the bag not deformation serious, to check the gear of clip if it is match,the angle of opening are consistent;if didn’t, pls adjust let the plate of clip and the center line parallel.

2 The height of taking bag not the same or tilt

     The solutionIf all the bags ,one side high one side low, adjust by the screw;put the low forward,the high backward,for this problem,to observe the taking bag,whether or not the plate let the bag go to early, if the bag get down,it means the time of the action of bag cylinder too short,(such as the time of action of bag cylinder is 195,get to 200,changed in the screen;if have pull bag action, the time of taking bag action should short,195 get to 190,adjust until the machine start to run,no get offno pull bag,the bag straight.Not:after change the data, first press Jog to test then to run.

3. Opening the bag

3.1 Opening bag normal working

     The adjust of opening bag,first make sure it have absorb and the angle is right(get off the pipe,can touch by hand).When the machine running, the rotary table rotate intermittent stop,device of opening in the absorb state;the rotary table rotate to the opening station,the clip will inward contraction,outspread arms open; when the absorb off,the pipe opened the bag,then the hang bag jib turn around,continue to open function.

3.2 Opening bag rate low

     The solutionFirst to make sure the suck is good or not,in the absorb pressure effect,adjust the outspread arms,let the upper edge of suck flat with mouth of bag,in the middle of bag.when closed it should have no gap,let the suck touch the bag completely;The angle of opening bag and the time of output should suitable;the blowing should do in the suitable time,and according to the material of bags to adjust the power(it can adjust by the vacuum filter)

4. Filling

      The filling part:the angle adjust is important, when the rotary table will be stopped, this time is best to adjust,don’t too early or too late.

No fillingsometimes filling sometimes no filling or always filling

     The solution: ①To check the proximity switch of the hang bag is broken or not,(picture 10)(A.put the aluminum piece close the switch,light on;leave,light off, it is normal,if the light flashing, it means broken,also can test by multimeter which have 24V),if normal,look the check point of PLC if the light on or not, to exclude if the PLC have problems;②adjust the two proximity switch:adjust the switch and the aluminum piece,when the two piece of hang opened, the two lights off,if the bag not hang or hang one side,the light on,to make sure these problems,the wire of electronic scale have loose or a short circuit;③ if have output,to check the middle relay have work or not,use the multimeter to the wire relay to the electronic scale is open or not,the scale is show“Wait for packaging signal”;no output,the parameter settings and the angle of filling is normal or not,check the wires. The light on the PLC id on or not, if everything is normal, the light still off, the point of PLC is broken.


  Picture hang parts

5. Sealing and trimming

no sealingcan not seal or seal is not good

       The solution:①The sealing set in the parameter menu, when it show the filling detection is controlled by the proximity switch,if the bag have materials,it will be full, it can touch the switch,light on seal,light off no seal;②If it seal not good, to check the temperature is suitable or not(check the electric heat pipe have temperature or not,make sure it have 220V voltage,the wire normal or not, the wire of electric heat pipe cut off or not);the knife of heat sealing clear or not, if it have gap of two knife or not;③On the machine opened state,to check it have output or not,if have,check every relays have output or broken,no output no sealing,maybe the point of PLC broken or the wire have problems,use the multimeter to check the wire, to make sure the wire of PLC and solenoid valve normal or not;④if everything are normal,press the solenoid valve by hand,to make sure if it have work or not, if not,may be the cylinder is broken, if have, may be the solenoid valve is broken;⑤Check other pneumatic components,if not work ,according to the circuit diagram to find the right point,such as taking bagopening baghanging bagvibratingcodingblowing;⑥if it is other problems,check the vacuum good or not,if the touch screen show the vacuum fault,is the current of alternating current contactor too small,let it big it will be ok;The fault of temperature controller, is to check the electric coupling broken or not.