400 Model Vertical Packaging Machine main parameters and touch screen introduction

Datetime: 2022-05-23    Visit: 522

1.Main Technical Parameters

(1) We take the newest generation of 5inch colorful touch screen, with a beautiful appearance and clear operation interface.

(2) It can measure packaging length, without any measurement by hand, thus it saves adjustment time.

(3) It has a color code localization function. Only by touching the screen slightly, you can move photoelectric eye instead of operating by hand.

(4) It takes a special photoelectric catching and correction technology to improve photoelectric precision. Dark and shallow colors can be identified automatically instead of switching photoelectric eye.

(5) It can store 8 common products’ parameters and it is convenient to get these information if produce in the next time.

(6) It takes the method of angle adjustment to realize electric cam’s function, so that feed and vibration cams and proximity switch is not needed any more.

(7) Functions of Quantitative Alarm and Quantitative Stop

(8)It has functions of no fill stop and no film stop.

(9) It has localization stop function. When it stops, the seal cutter shall open to keep the film from scalding.

(10)Touch the screen and you can realize adjustment of vibration time and forces.

(11)The colorful touch screen is integrated with a controller, with a simple structure and less malfunctions.

(12)The menu can be switched among languages of Chinese, English, Arabic and Russian and it is suitable internationally.

(13)It can diagnose malfunctions intelligently and show error locations in Chinese (e.g. photoelectric error, timeout error, etc).

(14)All controls are realized by software procedures and it is convenient to adjust functions and update technologies.

(15)Main board is produced by SMT technology with a stable performance.

2.Basic Operation of Touch Screen

      This system takes colorful touch screen to show mechanical operation information and parameters, e.g. bag length, packaging speed and packaging quantity, etc. All visible information can be operated by touching. Only touch the characters you what to know or revise slightly, the parameters shall show automatically, then you can begin related operations.

      How to use the touch screen correctly?

(1) Touch the screen by your forefinger or middle finger slightly, characters or pictures shall appear.

(2) Touch the centre of character or picture as possible as you can.

(3) Touch duration shall be 0.5~1.5s.

(4) It’s prohibited to touch screen with a sharp object, keeping from screen damaging.