Automatic operation and quick operation method of 400 type vertical packaging machine

Datetime: 2022-05-24    Visit: 571

1.Automatic Running

   Power on packaging machine, the followings shall be shown on the screen:

Pic1 Operation interface display
  Touchand enter into “Run” interface as shown below:

Pic2 Operation interface display

On this interface, some real time information such as weight, packing length, count, speed and status shall be shown and operations such as Run/Stop, JOG, Photoelectricity ON/OFF, Filling ON/OFF, Color location, Count, Length measurement and Return shall be realized.

2.A fast operation method is provided as below

  1. Touch, the packaging machine shall run. When this button turns to  and status column shows Start, indicating the packaging machine is running. Then Count column starts to work and Speed column shows current packaging speed, thus you can know the production capacity per minute of this machine.

  2.Touch, you will enter into the page of “Screw filling setting” quickly and adjust each parameter.
  3. If reset is needed, please touch, “Reset” page shall pop up and indicate: Do you need to reset? Press “No” for quit; Press “Yes” for reset and the system shall count from 0. Note: Cutting and quantitative stop also shall count from 0.

  4.shows current work status of photoelectric eye. Touch this button, it shall change between “On” and “Off”. If color code is printed on film, make sure switch ON this button, otherwise, photoelectric following-up shall not be realized. This button is only used to close off photoelectric eye temporarily if adjustment is needed. During normal working, it’s better not to touch this button. 

  5.When replace packaging films in different lengths with color codes you can pressbutton, the computer shall measure the film length automatically when it starts, without inputting “Packing length” by hands. If the cutters didn’t cut on the color code, you can touchbutton orbutton to adjust cutting location and make sure the cutters cutting on color code properly.

  6.During running, if stop is needed, please touchbutton, the machine shall stop.Important safety tips: please press “Stop” button (It usually is a red mushroom shape) on the machine, if in emergency, instead of touchbutton on screen, because it takes shorter time to press “Stop” button on the machine.

  7. Only in stop state, functions of “Manual film-drawing” and “JOG” in this page shall be effective and they are useful during machine adjustment. Touch 

all the time, film-drawing motor shall work and the packaging film machine shall fill slowly. When other transmission mechanisms of the machine stop, move away your finger from the screen and the film-drawing motor shall stop.

 8. “Filling” button: for a powder model machine fed with a screw, you need to enter into “Screw filling setting” page and switch on “Screw motor”, this button shall be effective. It is used to switch off “filling” temporarily.