Basic parameter setting of small vertical packaging machine

Datetime: 2022-05-25    Visit: 619

Touch, the screen shall show the following information:

When quickly switching to pack different products, for customers’ convenience, it is designed a “Procedure No.” storage function in this system. It can store 8 common products’ parameters and it is convenient to get these information if produce in the next time.

1. The first deployment of new products

When packaging a new product for the first time, it needs to adjust the following parameters. Firstly, select a procedure number, e.g. this machine has packaged 2 kinds of products until now and the parameters are stored in Product “1” and “2” , at this time, you should select Procedure “3” and store product parameters in Product “3”, instead of overlapping the parameters of Product “1” and “2”. Then, you can modify the shown parameters on screen.

2. parameter settings

The black character under white background after each parameter name shows current parameter value, touch the column, a small numerical keyboard shall appear as below:

Touch numbers on the small numerical keyboard, you will get the needed parameter value, e.g. if you want to set “Packing length” to be 200, you need to touch three keys of 2-0-0, then press “Enter” , thus “Packing length” is revised to be 200.

When it needs to modify any input digit during inputting, please press

  to clear it off. If you don’t want to save the input data, you can press “Quit” and leave the small keyboard.