Small vertical packaging machine Detail Parameter Meanings

Datetime: 2022-05-27    Visit: 516

1. “Packing length” refers to the length of product bag which needs to be packaged, in a unit of millimeter (mm), e.g. input 200 for 200mm. It is designed a fully automatic length measurement function for this system. If color code is printed on package film, you can ignore this step. Press “Length measurement” key firstly and then press “Start” key, the system shall measure the film length automatically. Notes: For the same length package films, only press “Length measurement” for one time is OK. It’s not necessary to press “Length measurement” every time.

2. “Film-drawing speed” can adjust the speed of film-drawing machine and it is proper to follow up the packing speed of packaging machine. If slower, film-drawing shall be more successful; but if too slow, missing packaging shall appear.

3. “Cutting angle” refers to when the cutter begins to revolve. It is adjustable when proximity switch contacts at 0 degree or 300 degree. Normally, it is 100~170 degree.

4. “Cutting period” refers to the electrified duration of electric-magnetic valve and pneumatic cutter.

5. “Cutting count” refers to how many bags shall be produced if cutting one time when packaging N bags so as to realize many bags are hung in a cluster.

6.“Triangle angle” refers to when the triangle horizontal seal cutter begins to close. It is adjustable when proximity switch contacts at 0 degree or 300 degree. Normally, it is 100~150 degree.

7. “Quantitative stop” refers to that the machine shall alarm automatically when packaging count reaches the set value, at the same time, status column shows “Quantitative alarm”. The valve shall be 0~30,000 bags. When this parameter is set to be 0, “Quantative alarm” shall be ineffective. If some batch of products needs to pack a proper quantity, you can set this parameter to be the value of “Quantitative alarm”, when the set value is reached, the machine shall stop automatically. In this case, man’s waiting time is saved. Precaution: the quantity that have been finished shall not be erased off if “Stop” key is pressed in the halfway, however, it shall be erased off if “Zero” key is pressed.

8.Touch “Screw filling setting” and enter into screw filling setting page, you can set parameters, e.g. filling weight, etc.

9. “Weight setting” means to set pulse quantity of screw motor actually, that is, the turns of screw motor, so as to adjust filling weight. Press “+” and “-” on the right for one time, the weight valve shall increase or decrease 1 and the weight can be finely tuned.

10.“JOG filling”, press this key constantly, screw motor shall revolve slowly. Loosen it, the machine shall stop. This function shall be used to clear off the residue material from screw.

11.“Filling speed” is used to adjust the revolving speed of screw motor. If it is too fast, the torque of screw stepping motor shall become smaller and affect filling precision. It is proper to follow up the revolving speed of whole machine.

12.“Filling angle” refers to the angle at which screw motor starts (that is when the screw motor begins to revolve). It is adjustable when proximity switch contacts at 0 degree or 300 degree. Normally, it is 90~220 degree.

13. “Screw motor switch”, refers to when it starts for a powder model machine and when it stops for a particle model machine; for a powder model machine, only when this button is ON, the “Filling” button in

“Run” page, it shall be useful. What’s more, when this button is OFF (for particle model machine), only when the machine stops and starts again, it can produce a bag again.

14.“Return”, the page shall return to “Run” page if “Return” key is pressed after entering into the page of “Screw filling setting” at a quick method in “Run” page.