Small vertical packaging machine System Setting

Datetime: 2022-06-06    Visit: 123

   Touch, the screen shall show the following pictures: 

1. Normally, it’s not necessary to modify any parameter in this page for end customers when using this packaging machine. Be cautious before modifying, if necessary.

2.“Language”, you can select languages such as Chinese, English, Arabic and Russian, etc.

3.“System setting” refers to the model coefficient of film-drawing wheel. It is used to calibrate and show the consistency between packaging length and actual film-drawing length. It has a direct relationship with the perimeter of film-drawing wheel and the fine fraction of driver.

4.“Stop delay” refers to main motor shall revolve for a short time after “Stop” button is pressed, keeping seal cutter in an open state and accounting when main axle cam contacts proximity switch. When this value is 0, it shall not delay. Main motor shall stop revolving if “Stop” button is pressed. Usually, the seal cutter shall open when the value is set to be 1. If not, you can set a bigger value in this column, but it’s not proper to set a too big value.

5.“S3’s function” is used to exchange functions among different machines. Its default is 0. It has a function of back vibration photo-electric input, e.g. In Beijing, machines are usually equipped with electric motor cutter, that is known as “Electric cutter”, in this case, please set the value of “S3’s function” to be 1.

6.“Accumulative count” refers to the stored packaging quantity of this time when the machine is powered off and the number shall be counted accumulatively when the machine is powered on next time.

       7. “Calibration of touch screen”, when the touch location is not precise, you can press this button. You can calibrate the touch screen in accordance with the tips when white “+” appears on the screen.

8.“Other settings” is as below:

      8.1 “Backlight setting” refers to that set the time of highlight for touch screen. Input related time (unit: minute); the screen shall become dark if running for a period of time so as to save energy and prolong life time. (0 stands for backlight always keeping highlight.)

8.2 “Triangle mode” is only used in triangle bag machines. It refers to two groups of seal cutters of triangle bag work alternatively or only the group of “front/back” works (becomes back seal machine).

8.3 “Startup film-drawing” refers to that draw film for one time when the machine starts up. This function is usually not necessary. Please set it to be “OFF”.

      9“Alarm parameter setting” is shown as below:

        9.1“Photo-electricity stop” can be set during packaging. The machine shall stop automatically when photo-electricity cannot be found for several times, thus non-conforming products can be decreased. Usually, it is set to be “2 times”. It can be ignored in case of photo-electricity cannot be found only for one bag occasionally. The machine shall stop automatically if the photo-electricity cannot be found for 2 times in succession.

9.2“Timeout stop” refers to that the controller doesn’t receive any signal from proximity switch, the machine shall alarm and stop automatically. If main axle cam doesn’t contact with proximity switch, usually the main motor doesn’t revolve or the proximity switch is damaged.

9.3 “No fill stop” refers to that packaging machine shall stop when back vibration photoelectric input doesn’t receive full fill signal within a period of time and judges it no fill. When this value is 0, if the signal is not received all the time, alarm shall be sounded after 3 minutes and back vibration shall be closed after 5 minutes, however, the machine shall not stop.

9.4 “No film stop” refers to that automatic stop can be set if packaging film is used up.

10 “Factory setting” is only used for manufacturers. It’s not suggested to modify this value.