Introduction of Auto Vertical Packaging Machine vertical sealing system

Datetime: 2022-06-09    Visit: 632

     The longitudinal sealing mechanism seals the packaging bag longitudinally after the film is stretched. In order to facilitate equipment maintenance, our longitudinal sealing mechanism is designed as an open and close structure. During equipment maintenance or film replacement, the side fixing screws of the longitudinal sealing can be loosened, and the longitudinal sealing mechanism can be opened andclosed freely.

Longitudinal closed state

Vertical seal open

Longitudinal sealed cylinder:The longitudinal sealing cylinder pushes the longitudinal sealing former to press on the film, and the   high temperature makes the film stick. If the longitudinal sealing effect is not good, check the air pressure of the longitudinal sealing cylinder and the contact time between the longitudinal sealing cylinder and the film.

      The film drawing is composed of a film drawing servo, a synchronous pulley belt, and a film pressing cylinder. Under normal conditions, the film cylinder is ejected to press the synchronous pulley belt on the former, and the film cylinder can be retracted through the touch screen during maintenance and test machine.