320 large packaging machine Operation screen introduce

Datetime: 2022-06-13    Visit: 599

  The operation screen is a centralized operation area for commonly used functions of the equipment. General production operations can be performed on this screen. At the same time, the screen will also display some operating status of the equipment.

  Cumulative output: Each time the sealing knife is closed, the count is increased by one.Cleared:After pressing, the cumulative output returns to 0.

  Set bag length: According to the actual production bag length setting, it also needs to match the actual bag length in the tracking mode.

  Set speed: Set the output per minute. Different models and different cutting  methods correspond to different speeds, and the coordination parameters operipheral equipment are also different at different speeds. Please do not modify the speed at will.

  Actual speed: The actual speed of the current sealing knife operation, which reflects the actual production efficiency. Affected by the operating parameters, the actual speed and the set speed will be different. For example, increasing the film-drawing delay will inevitably affect the film-drawing speed, and there will be a deviation between the actual speed and the set speed. In addition, when external factors such as lack of material in the combination weigher affect the efficiency, it will not be counted.

  Fixed length mode: In the fixed-length mode, the equipment produces     according to the set bag length, regardless of the color code position. Press the fixed-length mode button, and the device will switch to the  tracking mode.

  Continuous operation: After the device is started, it runs uninterruptedly until it is pressed to stop, and the device returns to the parking position to stop. After clicking the button, it will switch to single operation mode. In the single operation mode, the device will only seal once and stop.

  Cutting off: The switch for opening and closing the blanking, the button can actively stop and start the blanking.

  The film cylinder retracts: After the button is pressed, the film     pressing cylinder moves backwards, so the film pressing belt does not touch the film, and the film does not advance when the film pulling servo is running.

  Unwinding parameters:  Press the button, the unwinding parameter window will pop up