Auto Vertical Packaging Machine Follow-up mode and Turntable unloading

Datetime: 2022-06-14    Visit: 591

1.Follow-up mode

Click the fixed-length mode button to switch to the follow-up mode, and at the same time display the tool position parameter adjustment components. Click again to return to fixed-length mode.

Follow-up mode:In the chasing mode, the film is stretched to find the color code within the bag length. After the color code is found, it will continue to advance according to the length set by the tool position, and stop when it reaches the position. If the color code is not found, run according to the set bag length, and increase the number of lost labels by 1. If the number of lost labels continuously reaches the set upper limit, it will report that the color label is lost and stop.

Cutter Location:Set in the tracking mode, the color mark sensor senses the length of the film to continue to advance after the color mark. If the knife position is less than 10mm or close to the bag length, please adjust the position of the color mark sensor. If the tool position is too small, it will affect the stability of deceleration, and if it is too large, it will affect the accuracy of tracking.

Press the up and down arrows to quickly add or subtract tool positions, each adding or subtracting 1mm

2. Turntable unloading

For equipment equipped with turntable blanking device, there will be a turntable blanking button on the operation page. After pressing the button, the turntable blanking parameters will pop up.

Number of turntable holes:The number of blanking holes on the turntable must correspond to the actual machine.

Balance factor:If the error is too large, the balance coefficient can be increased, and if the error is too small, the balance coefficient  can be decreased. It is a proportional adjustment for the compensation amount.

Turntable jog speed:When you press the turntable to jog, the speed of the turntable

Replenishment photoelectric delay:The replenishment photoelectricity   needs to continue for a period of time without a signal to be considered unpredictable, on the contrary, it takes a period of time for a signal  to stop the replenishment.

Feeding position:In the turntable mode, when the blanking photoelectric has a signal, the current position of the sealing knife is read, and   then compared with the blanking position, the speed of the turntable is adjusted by the comparison value, so that the sealing knife is at the  same angle every time the blanking photoelectric is in place nearby. In addition, there is a free fall time from the material falling from the turntable to the material falling into the bag, and this time is relatively fixed, fixed at different sealing knife speeds, and the blanking position needs to be adjusted.