Introduction of automatic vertical packaging machine screw feeding and combination scale unloading

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1.Screw feeding

For equipment equipped with screw blanking, there will be a screw blanking button on the operation page, and the screw blanking parameter window will pop up when the button is pressed.

Material proportion:The blanking weight corresponding to each revolution of the blanking motor.

Proportion test:Carry out the specific gravity test before production, click the specific gravity test, the feeding motor will rotate one circle and  the screw will rotate one circle, and the material dropped by the screw will be collected and weighed to obtain the specific gravity of the material.

Jog speed:Feeding speed when the screw is inching.

Screw feeding volume:Under the production state, the amount of blanking of each package of products.

Screw feeding speed: The blanking speed of the screw during production is matched with the blanking amount to complete the blanking.

     Feeding position:When the sealing knife is at the angle set by the blanking position, the screw starts to rotate and blank.

2. Combination weigher unloading

For equipment configured with combination weigher

blanking, there will be a combination weigher blanking    button on the operation page. Pressing the button will pop up the combination weigher blanking parameter window.

To cooperate with the combination weigher for unloading, you need to connect Y2 of the packaging machine to the unloading request of the     combination weigher. X2 connects to the weighing completion signal, and the common terminal is connected to 0V.

Cutting signal:When the sealing knife is at the set angle of the blanking position, Y2 sends a blanking signal to the combination weigher.

Feeding delay:The time from when the packaging machine signals the        combination weigher to when the material falls in the bag. When the sealing knife of the packaging machine reaches the blanking position but the combination weigher has not finished weighing, the packaging machine will wait for the combination weigher at the stop position. After the combination weighing request is made, the packaging machine will wait for the blanking delay set time and then the sealing knife will start to run .

In order to reduce the waiting time, the operating speed of the           combination weigher should be greater than the production speed set by the packaging machine.