Automatic vertical packaging machine operating parameters

Datetime: 2022-06-27    Visit: 541

The operating parameters include commonly used adjustment parameters for equipment operation. The parameter directly affects the running function and the running effect of the whole machine, please adjust it carefully.

1Sealing film delay

The time that the sealing knife stays in the sealing area. When the film is thicker or needs to be heated for a longer time, the delay can be lengthened. When the delay is set to 0, or when the speed is relatively slow, the sealing knife passes through the sealing area at a constant speed. When the running speed is relatively fast, the sealing knife will decelerate before entering the sealing area to ensure that  the time of staying in the sealing area is approximately equal to the  sealing film delay setting time.

2.Pull film delay

The system has set the film-drawing interval, and the film-drawing servo will complete the film-drawing action during the stroke of the sealing knife through the film-drawing interval. However, when the film is relatively long or the bag is relatively large, the setting of the stretch film interval is relatively small, and the coordination of the stretch film delay is required at this time. After the film pulling delay is set, the sealing knife will wait at the most open point to give the film pulling servo a little more time to complete the film pulling action. In the case that the stretch film interval remains the same, the film stretching speed will also slow down when the stretch film is set to delay. In some cases, the film pulling speed is too fast to cause slippage.

3.Cylinder delay

Longitudinal sealing cylinder delay:The length of time for the vertical sealing cylinder to act after the film is drawn. When the vertical sealing is not good, the cylinder delay can be appropriately lengthened, but note that too long a time length will affect the film pulling action in the next cycle, and it should be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Cut off the cylinder delay:When the sealing knife is in the sealing interval, the cylinder is extended to cut off the bag, and the time is set long enough for the knife to extend. It is recommended to be about 0.02 seconds, not too long.

4Quantitative shutdown function

When the quantitative shutdown parameters are set, the equipment will count the number of packages that have been produced, and will stop the equipment when the quantitative shutdown quantity is reached.

The remaining number of quantitative shutdowns will appear on the operation page, and the statistics of quantitative shutdowns are independent of the cumulative output. Stopping  the equipment during the production process does not affect the number statistics, and will continue to count when restarting.

5Even package function

After setting the number of continuous packages, the equipment will not cut off the packaging until after the continuous production of the number of continuous packages.