Advantages of DET14A Digital Aluminum Foil Metal Detector

Datetime: 2022-06-29    Visit: 97

1. Full digital design, large scale high precision SMT patch circuit board.

2. Innovative design of color full-touch capacitive screen design, super-large screen LCD graphics display, and easy to operate.

3. Micro thermal silent printer, working data for easy archiving.

4. Built-in high-precision clock, reliably maintained by a built-in charging battery.

5. 100-level sensitivity display, display the environment and the iron content of the detected object, and innovatively designed sensitivity flag settings.

6. Level 100 sensitivity digital control, with both a very wide sensitivity adjustment range and a fine adjustment.

7. Set three gear safety locks, without lock, low-level safety and advanced safety, reliable management.

8. Multiple working modes, suitable for both thin and thick materials.

9. Innovative design of a variety of detection modes, high sensitivity mode, uniform mode, colored pigment mode.

10. There is an environmentally friendly automatic shutdown mode, and an intelligent operation switch design.

11. Precise counting and precise position display.

12. Wireless high-speed and long-distance data transmission, and remote monitoring.

13. CE-certified high-reliability switching power supply, which can effectively resist interference on the power line