DET14A digital aluminum foil metal detector preventive measures

Datetime: 2022-07-04    Visit: 498

   A. Do not install the machine on the workbench or beside the iron shelf.

   B. Do not install the instrument near a machine that generates a magnetic field. For example, electric and magnetic clutch motors, sewing machines,cutting machines, balers, air-conditioning machines;or machines with converters, etc., will cause interference from electricity and magnetic fields. The error runs.

   C. This machine is to be installed away from large mobile iron objects (such as trains, cars, etc.).

     D. This machine should be away from large objects (iron Windows, etc.) or change the main direction of the instrument.

   E. Although the instrument uses high sensitivity proprietary technology, useful signals are submerged in too strong interference signals, causing missed detection and thus avoiding the presence of strong interference signals. Staff can not wear ferromagnetic items, such as mobile phones, PDA, keys, pens, etc.

   F. This machine manufacturing precision, do not arbitrarily knock the probe, platform plate.

   G. Work in a ventilated and dry environment.

   H. This machine has a strong magnetic field, which can cause damage to some items, such as computer disks, watches, magnetic cards, etc.

   I.This machine has four foot adjustment screws, which must be fixed and horizontal to work reliably.

   J.When transporting, please follow the instructions in the figure, and do not move it forcefully on the two rollers.

 K. This machine uses 220V ±10V AC power supply and is used in an outlet with a reliable grounding device. Please use it on other power sources.Ambient temperature: 0 to 40°C.

 L. Please avoid welding machine, high power and other high interference equipment used on the same power cord.

 M. This machine is designed to detect ferromagnetic substances and not for copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other substances.

 N. The belt and motor have life and are vulnerable parts, be sure to drive along.Although the machine has energy-saving devices, but it also needs to waste 10 minutes of power.

 O. Any transmission piece may be harmful to the human body, please be careful not to involve your hands and clothes in the roller.