Details of automatic packaging machine DET14A digital aluminum foil metal detector

Datetime: 2022-07-05    Visit: 219


a) This machine is used to detect needles, broken needles, and other iron fragments hidden in various sewing products (such as men's clothing, women's clothing, children's wear, underwear, kimonos, jackets, bed sheets, etc.).

b) This machine can also be used to detect iron sheets in rubber in the rubber industry.

c) This machine can also be used to detect iron pieces of food in food.

2. Part description

a).Power cord: available for 220V power supply only

b). Belt adjustment screw: used to adjust the degree of bending on both sides of the belt.

c).Power switch: to work, the power switch must be turned on. After working, please turn off the power switch.

3. Things to note when the work is done

a).The belt shall be checked for any residual broken pins or other metal fragments.

b). Check the sensor above the belt, which is highly magnetic and may attach needles or other metal fragments, so the sensor should be cleaned by tape or other methods.To facilitate the next correct operation.

c). Please put the instrument cover with a cover to prevent dust from entering.

d). Power off and unplug plug.