Sensitivity balance adjustment

Datetime: 2022-07-06    Visit: 587

a. Press A1 to go back to the previous page and A2 to the next page (double probe or wide probe)

b.Press A5 (the number at the top of the bar) to increase the sensitivity of the corresponding channel, press A4 (the number below the bar), the sensitivity of the corresponding channel will decrease, press A4 or A5, the corresponding number and water column will change, each time you press, change once.

  c. Press A3 (equalization), all channels are unified 80 (80%), the same sensitivity.

d. Press any point of the water column bar, the corresponding channel quickly reaches the required value (7-inch color screen has this function, 4.3-inch color screen does not have this function)

e. The 8-channel version only uses 1-8, and the 10-channel version uses A-B.