DET14A Digital Aluminum Foil Metal Detector Detection mode

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Picture 1

  There are three detection modes available.The diameter follows the desired detection mode, and when selected, the corresponding mode is displayed in red.

1. High-sensitivity mode (J) See picture 1

This detection mode is used in most detection modes. This mode has the highest sensitivity, but the sensitivity difference between the upper and lower positions of the probe is also the largest. In this mode, the entire instrument achieves high sensitivity, and the sensitivity on the belt surface is also high, which is suitable for a method with little impurities in the measured substance.

2. Uniform mode (K)See picture 1

In the uniform mode, the detection sensitivity of the upper and lower probes is relatively close, and the sensitivity on the belt surface is also higher. The sensitivity mode is lower, and the whole detection sensitivity is also slightly lower. It is suitable for detecting a small amount of impurities in the test object itself.

3 Color pigment mode (L)See picture 1

This mode is suitable for a large amount of impurities evenly distributed in the tested object, such as darker-colored clothes, rubber rich in impurities, and so on.

Click on a certain mode, and the response will be displayed in red.

Note: The adjustment key of the detection mode must be on the left to be effective.