DET14A Digital Aluminum Foil Metal Detector Operating Instructions

Datetime: 2022-07-08    Visit: 481

1.Starting up

(1) This machine uses 220V ±10V 50Hz AC single-phase power supply (other specifications can be customized), please connect this machine to a 220V 50Hz 2A power supply with reliable grounding.

(2) Turn on the red switch on the case to position (I). If the power supply is ok, the instrument will start self-checking and turn on all the lights in turn. The LCD display main page is shown in Picture.

(3) Date, time, sensitivity, count, working status are displayed on the home page.

2.The opening of the motor

(1) Press the motor start switch and let it go immediately, the motor starts, and press it again to stop the motor. Or press (I key) on the color screen, once the motor starts, it will display "Start", and when the motor stops, it will display "Stop".

(2) (4.3-inch color screen version, there is a special start/stop button in the lower right corner, if it is in the start state, the button will stop; if it is in the stop state, the button will start if the duration is less than 2 seconds, and the motor will reverse until the hand is released. If it is equipped with a special start button, it also has this function, and it is suitable for any color screen.)

3.Sensitivity adjustment

(1)Press the (P key) to increase the sensitivity

(2)Press the process bar (T) for 2 seconds and adjust the sensitivity directly to the required

(3)Press the (Q key) to decrease the sensivity

Adjust the sensitivity according to the actual situation of the subject, it is not the higher the sensitivity, the better, it is best to adjust to the lowest sensitivity of not being missed

(4)The sensitivity adjustment range of this machine is very large, please use the test block before being checked

(5)Sensitivity adjustment must be done with the key on the left

(6)Each time the key is pressed, the buzzer will have a corresponding confirmation sound