320 Auto Vertical Packaging Machine Alarm and alarm description

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Alarm information

Alarm description and countermeasures

Origin signal loss

1 . The sealing knife has not sensed the origin signal after turning a circle, and the sensor screw position of the origin signal is not installed properly .

2 . The origin signal sensor is faulty

Continuous loss of color mark signal

1. The color mark is out of the detection range of the color mark sensor

2. The sensor does not learn from benchmarks

3. The sensor has no feedback signal to the controller

The number of fixed stops arrives, stop

The set number of quantitative shutdowns reached

The sealing knife position deviation is too large

1. Encountered large resistance during the operation of the sealing knife servo

2. The servo just wakes up and the setting is wrong

3. The origin signal is interfered

The color code is not detected in the bag length area, please check the bag length parameters and color code

In the tracking mode, there is no color code after the whole bag length is walked.

Signal, it is possible that the color   mark sensor is not illuminating the     color mark. Adjust the color mark sensor

The servo torque of the sealing knife reaches the cutting limit

The servo torque of the sealing tool is reached. If it is a malfunction, the servo

Increase torque reach percentage