Other functions and induction indication of DET14A digital aluminum foil metal detector

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1.Induction indication (O) (see Picture 1)

Picture 1

There is a red horizontal line in the middle (S) of the vertical progress bar (O), and a 100-segment display indicates the internal sensitivity setting mark. Once the sensitivity exceeds the setting mark, an alarm will be issued. Therefore, under normal use, if the environmental interference does not exceed this light, it means that it can be used normally in this environment. On the contrary, if the environmental interference exceeds this light, it means that the environment is too bad, please change the environment, or there is dirt on the belt to clean the belt, or lower the sensitivity.

2. Other functions

Adjustment of belt return distance (A, B)

Picture 2

To adjust the distance is to adjust the time. After pressing (B) for two seconds, the yellow progress bar will jump according to the position of the hand, and the response data of (A) will jump. See Picture 2.