Air leakage solution of vertical granule packaging machine

Datetime: 2022-08-16    Visit: 676

Nowadays, the vertical granule packaging machine is widely used in the market, satisfying the packaging of granule materials in many industries, and playing a huge role in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, hardware industry and other industries. No matter for food, medicine, or other products, the leakage of air during the packaging process will affect the quality of the product and affect the appearance or sales of the product. How to solve the gas situation.

1. The pipeline of the particle packaging machine should be checked. If the pipeline is aging or corroded, it can be solved by replacing the pipeline.

2. Check whether the air seam of the granule packaging machine is tight. If it is not tight, it needs to be repaired in time.

3. If the seal is damaged, replace the damaged seal.

4. The solenoid valve depends on the leakage of the granule packaging machine, if the damage needs to be repaired or the solenoid valve should be replaced;

5. Check whether the airbag that can be used by the granule packaging machine is damaged. If there is no damage, the airbag needs to be replaced.