Matters related to the bag-feeding packaging machine

Datetime: 2022-09-22    Visit: 748

the machinery and equipment are equipped with a monitoring system, which meet the packaging standards: no opening bags no feeding, no feeding no sealing; Instant heating and rapid heating make the packaging flat and durable.


A Safe operation rules for bag-feeding packaging machine

1, bagging by auto: bagging, unloading , reducing labor efficiency and labor efficiency;

2. date  printer: detection of the printing ribbon, stop reporting when the printing ribbon is used up, touch the display to explain, to ensure the stable number of the packaging bags;

3. Unpacking: Unpacking detection, unpacking without adjusting the package, to ensure that no raw materials are lost;

4. no feeding raw materials, no sealing and heat sealing, no consumption of packaging bags;

5. Heat sealing and sealing: report abnormal temperature to ensure sealing quality