The main reasons for the widespread use of food packaging vacuum equipment

Datetime: 2022-09-23    Visit: 929

Automatic bag feeding food packaging vacuum machine, put many bags or bags in bag feeder, our main bag feeder can move up and down, when it moves down, you can easily put in bags, when it moves up , a robotic arm with two vacuum caps lifts the bag and transfers it to a mechanical gripper on a rotary table.


The food that the automatic packaging machine is mainly used in includes: condiments, refined monosodium glutamate, seeds, sugar, chicken essence, fried food, chewing gum, pistachios, melon seeds, pet food, snack food, etc.


Food is our daily necessities. The safety and health of food are directly related to the physical and mental health of consumers. The automatic packaging machine will be effectively cleaned and disinfected before working to ensure the hygiene of the automatic packaging machine. The automatic packaging machine is working It can ensure the safety and hygiene of the operation process, and then ensure the safety of food, which is the main reason why fully automatic food packaging equipment can be widely used in the food industry.