How to choose a good bag packing machine? You will understand after reading it!

Datetime: 2022-10-31    Visit: 1121

1. The service life of the equipment

When good quality bag-type packaging chooses a mechanical structure, the cost of protection will be greatly reduced. It only needs to refuel and tighten screws daily. The skill requirements for operators are extremely low and the equipment life is long. reach 8 to 10 years. Therefore, please look for equipment with stable mechanical structure when purchasing.


2. The equipment has better stability and performance

Manufacturers need to consider their own packaging requirements for the fully automatic bag-feeding packaging machine, so that they can meet the technical requirements of the packaging target. Other packaging materials and containers for the fully-automatic bag-type packaging machine must also be Targeted selection, so as to ensure the packaging efficiency and packaging quality and function of the product. Generally, the degree of automation of fully automatic bag packaging machines is relatively high, so the second consideration for manufacturers is whether the function of the equipment is stable or not, whether the quality of the equipment passes the test, and the selection of advanced skills, easy operation, convenient protection and high safety. , Fully automatic bag packaging machine with low energy consumption.


3. In terms of energy consumption cost

Manufacturers should also pay attention to the versatility of machinery when choosing a fully automatic bag-feeding packaging machine. It is best to meet the packaging needs of a variety of items, and to produce multi-variety, same type, and multi-standard products. The bag type packaging machine can complete multiple packaging operations in one machine, which not only saves labor costs, but also improves the production efficiency and reduces the occupation of the site. However, if a single product is produced for a long time, special-purpose machinery must be used. The bag-feeding packaging machine with mechanical transmission is classified as a low-carbon and environmentally friendly type, and the electricity consumption of each equipment is 2.0-2.5KW/H, which meets the national requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction. If you choose a bag-type packaging machine with other skills of about 4.0-5.0KW/H, it will increase the invisible production cost to the manufacturer.


If you want to choose a good bag-feeding packaging machine, you only need to choose according to the three points mentioned in this article. As long as you choose according to these three points, the selected equipment will not be bad. Know the equipment when purchasing. The service life of the equipment, the stable performance of the equipment and the cost of energy consumption, according to these three points to buy a bag packaging machine, I believe you will be satisfied.