How to do the maintenance and maintenance of the bag packaging machine?

Datetime: 2019-10-21    Visit: 1009

     With the demand for production automation in various industries, in order to transform manual packaging into mechanical 

automatic packaging, various packaging machine manufacturers have now developed a variety of automatic packaging machines,

 which not only solves the shortage of labor in the enterprise but also saves the enterprise. A lot of expenses. Among them, the

 bag packaging machine is a very obvious one. It is not only suitable for a wide range of applications, but also has mature

 technology. It is also one of the most widely used automatic packaging machines on the market. Due to the large number of 

people used, the problem is relatively large. Today, the small series of Hui Chi will first tell you about the maintenance of the

 bag packaging machine.


     1. Before and after the end of production, check the plug and power cord of the bag-type packaging machine to see

 if there is any contact or damage. This will not only prevent damage to the equipment, but also effectively prevent the 

operator from being dangerous. .
     2. After the daily shutdown, run the main filter discharge once a day, and the air compressor should also check to see 

if it really stops running.
     3. When cleaning the bag packaging machine every day, remember to carefully clean the material bin and some places 

that agree to accumulate dust. After cleaning last night, remember to wipe the water off the device.
     4. Regular maintenance of important parts.
     5. If the bag-type packaging machine is not used now, apply oil to the important parts after cleaning, and then put it in

 a ventilated and dry environment. If necessary, put some desiccant on the side of the equipment, at least every month. 

It’s time to get the oil.
     Well, these are all the problems that we have talked about today for the maintenance of the bag packaging machine. 

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