Decryption: The packaging machine is the same, why is the price different?

Datetime: 2019-11-02    Visit: 1114

Many clients ask us, the packaging machines from different suppliers in China look similar, why are the prices different? They said: Same Rotary Packing Machine with same functions: 1.Pouch Supplying --> 2. Coding Date --> 3. Zip Opening --> 4. Pouch Opening ---> 5. Filling ---> 6. Option functions --> 7. Sealing 1st ---> 8. Sealing 2nd + Output Same component brand: PLC & touch screen (Siemens), electrical components (Schneider), pneumatic components (Festo) Same packing specification: pouch size range L80mm -300mm, W80-200mm. Pouch type: all types like zipper bag, flat bag, doypack etc. Same safety device: No pouch no filling, no filling no sealing, air pressure not enough, alarm etc. ........... Because the machines production process is different, the machine mechanism is different... Here just show 2 difference of parts from the machines. For more details, pls contact with us: you.