Auto Liquid Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Auto Liquid Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Auto Liquid Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Auto Liquid Pouch Packaging Machine
  • Auto Liquid Pouch Packaging Machine
Auto Liquid Pouch Packaging Machine

Application: fruit juice, tomato sauce, chili sauce, peanut butter, handwashing liquid, detergent, sauce body material automatic packing etc.


Auto Liquid Pouch Packaging Machine (Premade Pouch)

It suits to pack liquid, such as milk, water, honey, ketchup, Tomato Paste, detergent, yellow wine, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, peanut thick liquid, jam, hot pepper sauce, thick bean sauce packed in bags.

Auto Liquid Pouch Packaging Machine1.
It's newest technology bagging machine with max. packing speed: 60 bags/min.
Bagging Machine + Liquid Filler:

Auto Liquid Pouch Packaging Machine
Main Electrical Components:

Main Pneumatic Components:
* SMC Solenoids & Cylinders

* Glass Door Alarm
* Air Pressure Abnormal
* Automatic detection

* Tool-less changeover (pre-close zipper)
* Horizontal infeed belt
* The control cabinet is rotated 180 degrees
* PLC adjust bag rel clamping
* Automatic lubrication system
* Included Vacuum Pump
* Internal grooved cam design
* Newest zipper open device
* Two sealing stations
* Nitrogen gas flush
* Pouch shaker
* Pouch outfeed conveyor
* Stainless Steel shell: SS304
* Date coding
* Air: 0.6m3/min

Main Technical Parameter:

Model HT-8Y/H
Packing Range(bag size) Width 70-220mm, Length 80-350mm
Packing Weight 20-1500ml
Capacity 30-60 bag/min (speed depends on filling product &weight)
Packing Precision Error<±1%
Pouch Type Stand-up bag, Flat bag, paper bag, laminated material etc.
Total Power 4.5 kw
Compressed Air Consumption 0.6 m3/min
Voltage 3 Phase 380V 50Hz/60Hz
Machine Dimensions (L)3500*(W)1500*(H)1900mm
Machine Weight 1500kg

1. According to the customer request, provides the special design.

2. The machine disposition may make the choice.

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