HT-60 Automatic Paper Straw Machine
  • HT-60 Automatic Paper Straw Machine
  • HT-60 Automatic Paper Straw Machine
  • HT-60 Automatic Paper Straw Machine
  • HT-60 Automatic Paper Straw Machine
  • HT-60 Automatic Paper Straw Machine
  • HT-60 Automatic Paper Straw Machine
HT-60 Automatic Paper Straw Machine

HT-50 Stainless Steel High Speed Paper Straw Making Machine
This Machine is suitable for producing different sizes of paper straws and very small paper tubes.



Paper Straw Making Machine

What's the Paper Straw Making Machine:

Speed and capacity for reference:

Paper Straw Making Machine

1- Production: about 12,000 pcs/hr (paper straw standard length * diameter: 6 *197mm).

2- As working time 8 hours, capacity is about 96,000pcs.

2- Blades: 6groups

3- A skilled worker can operation 2-3 sets

4. For D*L (paper straw 6mm*197mm) 1 ton glue (white latex) can produce about 7 millions paper straws, 1 ton paper can produce about 830 thousands straws.

Technical Parameter

Control System

Paper Layer

3 layers

Programming Control


Inner Diameter


Touch Screen


Wall Thickness



3.7kw Schneider

Stable Speed


Servo Motor


Straw length


(other size need customized)

Servo Driver


Cutting Length



3.0kw (1.5kw * 2pcs)

Winding speed

Max. 45m/min

Motion Controller

Panel Master

Way Of Fixing Shaft


Operating Panel

Panel Master

Type Paper Reel Stand




Glue System

2 plies independent glue tank

Electric Components


Way Of Cutting

58*38*1.5mm Circular Cutting Blade

Pneumatic Components


Winding Head

Two heads single belt

Signal Components


Roll Fixed Type

Ring Wheel Chuck

Length Adjustment


Glue Coating

Single/Dual sides

Screw Rod


Machine & parts




Length fixing




Speed Adjustment

Inverter Changer


Cutting System

Multi-blades; 6 sets online

Paper Reel Stand

3 Layers

Cutting Method

Servo cutting withsynchronism tracking

Gluing Unit

3 Layers

Paper straw collecting



5 Pieces


1-2 person

Mandrel Shaft

2 Pieces

Working Air Pressure


Extra blades

5 Pieces

Power Supply

380V / 3phases / 50 Hz

Useful Tool

1 Set

Drive System

Measurement & Weight

Reducer Model



(Main Machine)


Transfer reducer


Working Space


Pipe Conveyor Power

0.37 KW



Cutter Movement

Screw Shaft+Servo

Glue Pump

750 W

Spare parts suggest

Paper Straw Making Machine

Mandrel (x 2) Lifetime around 12 months 1 set

Blade (x 5) You can use knife grinder , 6 months 1 blade

Belt (x 5) 5 months 1 pc

Machine Functions:

l The price includes Paper Reel Stand Unit = paper unwinding (1 SET), Stainless Steel Glue Unit = gluing (1 SET), Forming Unit = twisting (1 SET), Cutting Unit = cutting (1 SET), Conveyor Unit = conveying (1 SET) and Straws Collector Unit = collecting (1 SET)

l T Bar Paper reeling stand , Slitting rolls are easily placed into reel stand

l Spiral winding part , specialized operation system , Belt tension device (hand-wheel driven)

l Choose Single or double glue coating unit

l 6 sets of blades system in-line cutting unit controlled by servo motor, no need secondary cutting, save labor and time.

l Automatically cut, automatically fall pipe, automatically change speed and revert;

Paper Reel Stand Unit: 1 SET

Unwinding speed: 3-60m/min

Paper reel model: Integral reel stand

Stainless Steel Glue Unit: 1 SET (carbon steel for choice)

Gluing way: Single / double sides

With polyurethane scraper and high carbon steel plastic knife

Forming Unit: 1 SET

Winding head: 2 heads single belt.

Straws Collector Unit: 1 SET (Automatic)

Here is report for paper straw information for reference:

1. Paper and Glue(The price for your reference)

(1)Food Grade Glue is USD1700 per ton main part is PVA

a. Surface paper : rel 15mm 60gsm food grade Side glazed paper is About USD 1520 per ton

b. Middle paper : rel 14mm 120gsm food grade white kraft paper USD1470 per ton

c. Inside paper : rel 13.5mm 120gsm food grade white kraft paper USD1470 per ton

2. Except paper straw making machine, may you will consider to buy below other equipments:

a. Paper Printing Machine

b. Paper Slitting Machine

Or it's your new business, you want the smallest investment in this field, you can buy already printed and slitted paper rolls directly.

2. The cost of making each paper straw: $0.0018096

a. Each straw 1.2g (standard straw size: diameter 6mm, length 197mm)

b. So 1000 pieces straw weight 1.2kgs.

c. 1.2kgs straw made of: 1/10 glue, cost 1.7$ per kg

d. 9/10 * (2/3) 120 gsm paper, 1.47 $ per kg 9/10 * (1/3) 60 gsm paper, 1.52 $ per kg,

e. So 1.2 kgs straw cost = 1.2 * [1/10 * 1.7 + 9/10 * (2/3) * 1.47 + 9/10 * (1/3) * 1.52】 = $1.8096

f. That means each straw cost $ 0.0018096

g. Usually 1 Ton glue can make 10 tons paper,

h. Paper straw paper need: 120 gsm ( Innter two layers paper) and 60 gsm (outside one layer paper)

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